Thursday, December 15, 2011

Joker lies, kills, cripples.. and TROLLS!

Oh Joker you always know how to ruin the hopes and dreams of countless people luckily this time it didnt involve gas, bullets, fire or knives. Yes the "Leak" of a new Batman sequel called Batman: Arkham World was teased to us at the VGA's by none other by the Joker himself. Aww the Joker's first troll im so proud of the clown prince of crime, too bad this game isnt happening though like this announcment was totally fake and the need to dissect it is pointless because it was a joke. Come on Arkham World sounds like a bad amusment park.

That's where i would send my kids.

My Batman: Arkham City Review

Batman Arkham City is the highly anticipated nerd best game of a superhero ever dream we all thought couldn't happen but has. Once we beat the game though... whats next for Batman in the DLC department? As far as i know this game can go on for the longest time on the DLC train with much respect from comic fans and gamers all around, the adding of new challenge map characters is all good don't get me wrong, although the story is what will keep us coming back for more in the long run.

So who and what could be DLC you ask? I've covered Challenge Map characters:

 Characters i would like to see as challenge map and or story exclusives part 1
Characters i would like to see as challenge map and or story exclusives part 2
Characters i would like to see as challenge map and or story mode exclusives part 3

So without further thrown batarangs lets focus on story based DLC:
Villains who would make perfect candidates for DLC and add more depth and craziness to the story:
Villians that would be perfect to add in Arkham City

I think a sequel would be pushing the legacy a bit honestly don't get me wrong i think another game would be awesome but Arkham City is the kind of game that would benefit more from story based DLC adding in more characters, resetting missions and having you battle characters again, with more missions for Batman means more stuff for Catwoman to do, and of course going around the city as Nightwing, Tim Drake and other heroes from the Batman Family.

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