Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Characters i would love to see in Batman Arkhman City Challenge maps

Cassandra Cain:
The more lethal trained Batgirl Cassie was trained by the league of assassins, black canary, bronze tiger, and many more, this power house of martial arts skill and weaponsmith is a force to be reckoned with. Another skill she has is sometimes knowing her opponent's next move before they do maybe in the actual game they can make her counter twice if the player gets it wrong or is surrounded. Dont forget her assassin training in stealth, pressure points, kill moves and her deadly weapon skills.

Alt. Costumes for Cassandra:

Black Canary:

One of DC's most beautiful and deadly martial artists, i dare you to tell her she cant be in this game..... thats ok i know you like your teeth in tact. Aside from her mass knowledge of martial arts that is more than simple to implement into a game what i'm most intrested in seeing is how they would incorporate her canary cry into the action of Batman Arkham City.

Alt. costumes for Black Canary:


The fan base daughter of Batman and Catwoman from Earth 2, she is more than capable of handling herself in a fight, especially in challenge maps where she'll have goons coming at her left and right... she'll be iight guys. Weapons she uses that can be implented include her trademark crossbow and a metal staff, knives, and pistols. Would like to see there vision for Huntress as they give her a new look and a moveset.

Alt. costumes for Huntress:

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