Friday, December 16, 2011

DC needs to make Batman and Son into an animated movie

Yes its been a while since i've done these.... this is my first DC one now that i think about it, sorry DC didnt mean to leave you out and made you think the animated movie department is only meant for Marvel but you guys gotta bust your butts also.

Hmmm let's see this doesn't necessarily require an R rating but give the normal and recommended amount of blood and cursing and we will be fine with that.

No matter what his problems maybe The Joker always seems to show his face and cause some begginning chaos for the Bat, so lets make sure Joker shows his clown face and brings the pain.

Surprise surprise Joker thinks he won but in reality he didnt, add some of that serious dramatic flare to that scene to add to the suspense of what going to happen next.

The level of emotion on all parts should be explored: Anger, regret, jealousy, basically think the deadly sins but with the batman family.

NINJAS = FIGHT SCENES yeah with Talia and the league of assassins involved i would like to see some random ninja fights and well thought out fight scenes with Batman and Robin and lots of ninjas.

Tim Drake is Robin! Whoo give the boy wonder some screen time and make it awesome he rarely appears in animated movies anyway.

Damian is quite the lil bad ass (Have you forgotten who his father is?) explore all the things he's learned over his limited years of experience and make sure we know and any new watchers know what the son of the bat is capable of.

Damian loves to fight! Show his bad self getting down and kicking some ass in his young age.

The story that can be offered here can be action, love, bonding and more action.

Batman ends up in a triangle having to save his son and the mother of his son, some depth and emotion should be captured here.

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