Friday, September 16, 2011

Characters i would love to see in Batman Arkham City challenge maps

Azrael: Michael Lane:

Until we see how they incorporate Tim and his staff I wouldn’t know how they make the staff coincide with his game play, so until then Azrael who dual wields swords of course, has enhanced strength and speed and years of Marine and GCPD training under his belt along with the training from the suit itself make him an awesome character to incorporate into a game.

Richard Grayson aka Nightwing:

Call me crazy but with the inclusion of Tim Drake (Only as a challenge map character but still.) Does anyone find it strange that they conveniently forgot the original robin? I think they’re keeping him to be an assist character in the game for Batman, with batman getting help from Catwoman and even teaming up with Bane you don’t have a suspicion that a blue suited apprentice to the Batman isn’t going to make a debut? Even for a challenge map Dick has everything you would want from a character: excellent fighting skills on par has defeated Bruce, Deathstroke, Al Ghul, etc. the finest athlete DC has to date, and his trademark Escrima sticks mixed with his own style of fighting make him a unique character hopefully for story and challenge map purposes.

Some alt costume ideas for Dick Grayson:

Though Grayson currently is the new Batman he is far from a clone from his mentor Bruce, spice up his game play that still makes it feel unique like how he is and as Nightwing (although the sticks would probably have to go.)

Arael: Jean-Paul Valley:
The original the more powerful and skilled, nerds and she nerds i give you Batman's hidden back up plan to protect Gotham in the event that he couldn't himself, couple stories later Bane broke Batman's back and guess who he called to watch over the city? Equipped with body armor, flaming swords, projectile blades and a flamethrower.... i know what i said. How they can incorporate all of that would be interesting to and challenging.

Alt costumes for Jean:

Jason Todd aka Red Hood:

The Robin that stared death in the face, and came back to life in a standstill Jason Todd and his fighting prowess more than deserve to be a candidate for a challenge map DLC character. His trusty knife he uses, his rush down method of beating anyone even Dick Grayson to a tie of sorts, and his fire arm mastery come on now that's more than enough. Although like I’ve said about Dick I think he’s going to be a villain in this game along with the others in Arkham City, Jason always acts in his own sense of justice so why not have Batman interact with his former protégé catching him trying to murder the villains in his own turf. Knowing Jason he probably has some kind of temporary criminal alliance with Hugo Strange (hoping) Strange kidnapped Holly to get Catwoman to cooperate with him, so why not call upon someone that you know will do everything he can to kill the villains in one spot?

Alt costume ideas for Jason:

Ace the Bat Hound:

Since Amaterasu proves that animals can kick major human butt why not give Ace a chance to shine as a challenge map character? He would basically have defensive dog maneuvers, flips and other things detective dogs that are owned by batman can do.

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