Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New residents enter Arkham City...

Not that the villain roster couldn't get any more diverse and awesome they throw a pocket watch of surprises and i think i may need a spot of tea to drink down all this hype.

There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter. Arkham City is the craziest place to be think the Hatter is mad enough to stay?

Well get my tea and put some sugar in it, the Mad Hatter makes his first appearance in Arkham City as one of its crazy inhabitants, wanting to take control? causing some Alice themed chaos? The question on my mind about Mad Hatter, what are his motives exactly? Is he working with someone or is he solo? I do like his new darker look i have to say, makes him look less cartoony and more like i can take him as a serious psychopath. Cannot wait to see him action and his bunny henchmen battle it out with the rest of the inmates in Arkham City. Let the genius level intellect and mind controlling technology stare us down and do his bidding until the spell is broken.

Looking great Ivy glad to see your back for our round 2 fight. *grabs weed whacker.*

Just when i was telling and sure that i knew Batman was going to need some help... BAM Dick Grayson has answered my call and confirmed i am not crazy. Welcome Nightwing gamers and nerds, the first Robin out doing his own thing and turned into Nightwing. I had to say i was a little nervous for Batman i actually thought they were going to give him a real workout and have him do all this by himself, that doesn't make sense story wise (good thing I've been reading all the comics.) I'm so ready to see what Nightwing brings to the table and very excited for his addition to the series.

But wait there's more! Rocksteady is claiming this isn't even a fraction of the City were entitled to... So this means other villains have there chance to shine in this city filled with psychos and villains. I feel these guys are missing there shot at the city and the Batman if we really haven't seen what Arkham City has to offer i expect to see these guys:

Deathstroke the Terminator:
Wouldn't be a normal if the best DC assassin wants to but masks with one of the few people that can actually defeat him. Lets see if Slade Wilson can have a new look and the same chance to tear the wings off the bat.

 You tell Hush he cant be in this game? sign those bullets with your last signature now then, since when have we seen him in a game of this caliber?

With everyone else getting darker toned looks i would love to see there take on Man-Bat, plus we need something for Batman to do in the air.

Red Hood aka Jason Todd:
 Why shouldn't Hugo call a criminal killing assassin to eradicate the major villains? Why shouldn't he cross paths with his former mentor and raise some hell? and lastly since Nightwing is in it wouldn't it only be fair to have the first two robins go at it in this kind of setting.

Wrath: The Anti-Batman
A personal favorite character of mine in the sense of he's everything Batman stands for... on opposite day, murdering law enforcement and everything else that's on the side of good is his game plan and he will kill anyone who fights for good that stands in his way.

The Rival to both Catwoman and Batman it would be a first for him to be introduced into a game and why not give him the chance to show us and the occupants of Arkham City what he has to offer, plus he has to do something since Catwoman is around.. (They hate each other, guess why?)

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