Friday, November 4, 2011

Batman: Arkham City Review

I am Blogging! I am a nerd! I AM MRDARKPHOENIX!! Ok i couldn't resist its one of the most iconic quotes from my nerd childhood. What's up Batmen, Robins, Batgirls, and Joker's i have taken time out of my busy days of pummeling thugs and my extensive investigation from the Dark Phoenix Cave to bring you my review of Batman: Arkham City. Is it the best comic book based game? Is Batman our hope to other great superhero video games? Do BatNipples make a come back? Enough questions damn it read on!

Better read on i don't like that face at all.....
Six months after braving the insanity that was Arkham Asylum, Batman is back and having to fight the corruption that has now taken over a part of Gotham known as Arkham City an entire city which is home to the craziest and most dangerous rouges Batman has put away all in one place. With Batman their to stop them and all the villains wanting to kill each other you guys think Batman has his work cut out for him? Can any of you think of a worse trial Batman has to face.... Oh yea DODGING DARKSIED AND HIS OMEGA BEAM! AND DYING!! Put that feat in a game... moving on from that, you interact with an upgraded roster ranging from Mad Hatter, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Hugo Strange to name a few (Trust me your no where near done yet with the villains your facing.) Its your duty from stopping these villains and more from totally ransacking Arkham City with violence and destruction and make sure they know who to fear in Gotham no matter where you are.

Something else about the story that's just well.... purrrfect is the addition of our favorite cat burglar extraordinaire Catwoman aka Selina Kyle, only in Arkham City for her needs? Going to where Batman goes to stir up some kindled romance between them? Blackmailed by someone higher up due to her skills? Well no matter what you think her motives or the plans for our cat she's here and man does she come prepared: A unique fighting style that fits her perfectly to a T, Her own gadgets(not a lot but still.), her own place in the story not a big part but Catwoman always stirs up trouble and we see just how much trouble and who she gets into trouble with.

Your gameplay remains untouched.... Oh wait i can use gadgets now mid combat, double and triple take downs and special barrages where you can really unleash your fury on idiots who think they can take you out... what i never said they were smart in Arkham City. Aerial traveling has been changed up as well now you have the option of pulling a Spider-Man and swinging high with a little boost, and rocketing down known with the dive boost. I'M BATMAN!!

The graphics in this game, I'm not sure if there is a world that can allow my eyes to see the absolute and sheer beauty this game gives me when I'm looking at it on 1080p HD but Rocksteady my eyes thank you and i will never game the same knowing The Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Batman look this great ever again, i mean its like the HDTV punched me and went ZAPOW! Environments are what you would expect from Batman over the years of knowing him, dark and gritty re imagined New York on steroids.. i mean Gotham looks pretty amazing also.

Now we move on to my points on whether it is a Try, Buy, or Shy:

Good Points:
  • By far the best intro mission for a superhero game to date!
  • Character representation seems big but everyone gets their fair shot in and that's how you know they took their time with this game.
  • Villain selections are not what you would expect and keep me on my toes scared/wondering who I'm going to fight next.
  • Complete nerd fan service to the max! 
  • Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Tara Strong, and Quinton Flynn grant their voices to this game and its something that brings the game to respect the fan base and know who we want to voice who in a game of this magnitude.
  • Surpasses Arkham Aslyum in both stage presence and design... I don't think were in the asylum anymore.
  • Catwoman is an excellent addition to the story mode and to challenge maps with her speedy and unique gameplay followed by her two alternate costumes she's packing claws and catswag.
  • All the added features greatly improve on the games already great stepped up system.
  • Finding certain villains requires you to use your brains and gadgets making exploring Arkham City a chore in itself.
  • Character cameo's are complete nerd nostalgic and make my nerd meter go off the charts (Not a lot of comic book based games do that.)

Bad Points:
  • ..... ummmm I'm not Batman.....
  • This game will be Mark Hamill's last performance as The Joker :-( 

With the points i have brought to you and your utility belt my final verdict for this game is........ BUY!! Go out right now and get this damn game!! Its if not Game of the year than someone has a sick vision of what the best is because this game offers you the whole package and Rocksteady has worked insanely hard to get this game right and they have succeeded greatly. 

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