Monday, August 20, 2012

Gearbox is all done with Borderlands 2 everyone!!

It's good to bring you guys Getting rewarded for playing the first Borderlands and Starting news about Borderlands 2 now i bring you an end to all the questions and i am glad to tell you... BORDERLANDS 2 IS DONE!! Gearbox has finished development on the sequel and all it has to do now and go through a bug test to make sure it's ready to go out to us the gaming public and then once September hits it's ours for the playing.. muhahaha. Even more good news is that Gearbox is already hard at work on the post launch DLC which couldn't be better because i am a very eager and trigger happy person who needs to get his hands on the Mechromancer DLC character.

With the past DLC that came out for borderlands it's going to be awesome especially zombie related and i want to focus on the game first than more add on DLC but i cant wait to get my hands on the game and to bring you guys the 58 hr campaign in a possible let's play on my youtube channel!

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