Monday, August 13, 2012

Clock in at launch, clock out 58hrs later

It's Borderlands so you already know that the gun count is going to be in the bazillions, you get a new character class aka the Mechromancer and new areas and characters to explore and level up but a question that's been on gamers minds is... how much of a time investment am i putting into this? All this added stuff and you think extra features more weapons and more things to shoot and kill how long is that gonna last? Well i can tell you were going to be investing at best 58hrs into Borderlands 2! The sequel does not disappoint in any areas and I'm going to have so much fun and Let's Plays for this game are going to long but well worth the journey i think, plus whose going to play the game with only one character class? So that adds MASSIVE re playability to the 5 total classes so far and with DLC and more zones like in the previous title i don't think any of us have to worry about this game being short in any regards... except maybe the dwarf and the midgets whose heads i make explode on purpose. This game is going to be a time investment but spending $60+ on this game it does what you pay for so whose to complain right? Stay tuned for September when the game drops so you can once again venture into Pandora!

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