Friday, August 17, 2012

September is also Final Fantasy 13 news month!

Final Fantasy 13-2 is a really good game once you get the hang of things it's an adventure you don't want to put down:

The Final Fantasy XIII saga which was long rumored to be a trilogy could be the latest announcement during the anniversary event on September 1st, while we don't know exactly what is going to be shown I'm pretty sure that Final Fantasy XIII-3 is going to be announced unless Square Enix pulls a fastball and trolls us with a "See Lightning and the gang in Kingdom Hearts or something!" Well a blogger can dream can't he? Yoshinori Kitase confirms that a project has "just begun" and the rumors of Versus 13 being cancelled being brought to light and having confirmed that it is very much in development is a sigh of relief. Final Fantasy Versus 13 which was a no show at this years E3 could also be the game getting an announcement and putting our minds at ease what with the back and forth rumors of cancellations and what not. and being in development. In the long run a XIII-3 would be a nice announcement but i think Square Enix needs to take care of the other projects before jumping onto another one a completely new project mind you. My Awesome Podcast!!

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  1. I actually liked FFXIII so I'm interested in knowing more about FFXIII-3