Friday, August 5, 2011

Borderlands 2 in the works? What classes do you want to see?

The wonderfully combined First Person Shooter/ RPG Borderlands has become a more than deserved hit, releasing for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and even MAC the critically acclaimed hit has its share of getting itself out there. Now gamers the sequel we've been dreaming of maybe coming to us, sometime in 2012 is the rumored release for the sequel. Now before you think Gearbox Software would troll us.... not yet anyway, Mikey Neumann Gearbox creative director has gone on record saying that Borderlands 2 is a "no brainer" because of the success of the first game.

We can all tell that the staff and us as gamers love Borderlands, all the DLC they made for it proves they take us into consideration. unfourtently though rumors will surface and get people's hopes up. Lucky for all of you i am Marcus the Rumor Slayer. With over 4million units sold, a game of the year and excitement from staff to continue all they need is to green light the project. Red light Green light make this game 1,2,3! Might be a little more complex than that but with all of its popularity i see no reason for them to continue with this reliable franchise for more games and more DLC for the future. All we need to do is sit back and pay close attention to any and all news from a reliable and awesome source.... *coughs* HERE *coughs*

Here are some key things that i think will make the new Borderlands even more awesome:

  1. The ability to choose between male or female versions of the original four members: Hunter,Soilder, Siren and Berserker.
  2. New Characters. Archer, Weapons expert, Spirit Medium, Machine Expert
Bows of Different elements.
Arrows of different effects and elements.
Basically the archers role would be like the hunter, in the back shooting his arrows from a       distance. In some cases you can choose which arrows you want to fire like:fire, lightning, poison or any other combination you want.

Weapons expert:
Swords, throwing knives, bombs, melee up close and personal with hand weapons but has bombs to get out in case up close isnt working.

Spirit Medium:
Can summon and manipulate the spirits of the dead to fight for him/her.
at higher levels enemeies you kill can be taken control of for a brief period of time.

Machine Expert: (Man or Woman in a mechanical suit)
Energy blasts from suit in different elements later on.
brief flight to look around for enemies

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