Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Raiden will teach us how to use his blade... with ease!

Metal Gear sure is getting the make over from stealthy game that tests your patience to hack and slash adventure where it's kill quick or your dead and I've got to say I'm very excited to see Raiden in a new light besides that questionable side kick in Metal Gear who while being naked took out solders and had to evade them.. while naked.. his nuts roasting on an open fire?! Let's move on to the more grown up Raiden whose got himself into some swordsmanship classes and is ready to cut people.. and watermelons! 

Here is the latest video of sword slicing goodness.. I don't think I've ever felt this way about a Metal Gear game in a while! 

Ok are you just as in love with this game as i am!? I want this game it's amazing so far and i can't wait to slice the heads off my enemies! As you can tell Raiden's sword is what your going to be using for the majority of the game and man oh man is it something i can't wait to get to use with my controller. It kills your enemies so fast that they can't react or get up or live... can you say Muramasa Blade! From the looks of blade mode you pick exactly where you want on your enemy to go and it will be sliced away with ease, I have a feeling that the combo system in this game might have the blade mode as a finishing move that earns you big combos.
Raiden and his bad ass Tacyon energy aren't the only things to be excited for in this game the same people that brought us Bayonetta are behind this game and Bayonetta had excellent curves to kill. This game is going to be beastly in the combat department once the counters are shown and other ways we can decimate our enemies and i cannot wait to put down the stealth and put up my sword and surgically cut off some heads!

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