Monday, June 4, 2012

Final Fantasy Versus XIII wont be in attendance... So you get an absent mark!

Since Final Fantasy Versus XIII news broke out the first time I've been on the hunt for more news and using every spell and materia i can think of but none have worked so far.. I think Phoenix Force and Black Materia won't mix. Since Square Enix first showed us that beautiful glimpse into the new game in 2006 it's 6 years later and we still have been getting little updates here and there some gameplay footage but nothing concrete such as live hands on gameplay at such big time gaming events like E3 or The Tokyo Game Show slightly changing the subject Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs will be making an appearance at the show this year but not Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

So while Versus XIII had some delays that stopped its development it's back on track and while a sleeper title for now when it wakes up and they give us more info and a release date i know Square Enix and Final Fantasy fans will be jumping and hyped up for the newest installment in the XIII series until then stay tuned and i will deliver the news and keep your hype bones shaking with news.

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