Friday, February 24, 2012

Tomb Raider Re-boot info bout rebooting time!

I've been one of the people wanting new information about the reboot of the famed Tomb Raider series, the game looks and gives off the impression of a more gritty and realistic spin to the previous installments which is always good. Crystal Dynamics is working hard on all angles to ensure this game has a new feel to match the new look to Lara and the new gameplay mechanics being implemented. From what I've seen enemy types could range rabid animals, possibly angry villagers from the cave your exploring or even regular people pulling a James Cameron Avatar and have some people that have no business being wherever the plot takes place to steal resources and be in the crossfires of two rival entities.

When asked about how the gameplay it can range from Close quarters, melee and range depending on the situation, environment or enemy. So my theory is the game is going to focus heavy on our choices of weapons to use and how to take environmental awareness into our strategy for taking out our enemies, for example you see two guys and your behind them your equipped with a bow and arrow and have a knife one could say you would want to look around and you see a wild animal you could then shoot an arrow at one of them to draw blood and attract the animal to the bleeding person thus having the animal take care of your problem for you instead of you having to do it.... as long as the bear doesn't go for you that is.

Like i mentioned before enemies are unknown, pretty sure though the usual supernatural enemies are not returning to make way for the gritty turn the game is taking. Were only months away from the E3 floor gaming of how the gameplay will look so that's a step in the right direction, all we have to do now is wait and be hype!

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