Friday, February 17, 2012

Final Fantasy Versus XIII news... Time materia has expired now speak up!

With all the news regarding Final Fantasy XIII-2 i figured i would give you all a taste of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game we've all been hype for but have little to no information about. Luckily for you all i do the stone cold research to answer the questions you have and get you all on the Square Enix hype train. So remember when the game first got announced and we were wondering when the hell the game was getting announced? Well unfortunately i can't bring you that information but i can give you information regarding changes and more gameplay.

Last time we say the game and compared to what were going to see later are going to be completely different experiences, Square Enix is planning to hold a Versus XIII event to show off just exactly how hard they've been working on the game since the last time we saw it and i personally cant wait for the real time gameplay they will be unveiling. The best part is we don't have to wait for June's e3 let's hope the event takes place soon or i could literally explode from hype about this game.

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