Friday, June 1, 2012

First the Sessler now Pereira is leaving the building

When i broke the news that Adam Sessler was leaving G4 i had a feeling that the network was going to suffer a huge loss, with Kevin Pereira was still with them i felt like they still had a shot at surviving but low and behold the next to leave the network is Kevin... damn it all! After this years E3 is finished that's when Kevin is out the door and focusing on his production company. While Attack of the Show remained a stellar show in G4's lineup even after Olivia Munn left to pursue bigger and better things and the show survived being a pop culture phenomenon with it's mix of news and the K-man making it awesome every show. No word on why he left but he wants to focus on his solo project and give it his all. His last day will be May 31st but he'll be sticking around for E3 this year so June 8th is probably when he'll be officially leaving the network. I would love to see his own production company give a shot to dedicated bloggers, game enthusiasts and video game journalists.. *Hint, hint* but i wish him and Adam all the luck in the world and with the backgrounds these two have as being recognizable video game journalists they'll be fine.

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