Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stop teasing my Keyblade!

Tetsuya Nomura you know just how to get under our skin and dance around the subject but man i love the suspense. After Kingdom Hearts 2 ended and were in the next gen level of gaming everyone has been in a frenzy wondering just when they were going to announce a graphics pushing Kingdom Hearts sequel we have all been waiting for patiently. In that time we have been treated to games like 358/2 days, re:coded, and birth by sleep but no kingdom hearts 3?... WRONG! Kingdom Hearts 3D is coming and i think we all know what that means... SECRET ENDING TO KINGDOM HEARTS 3 hopefully of course wouldn't want to jump the gun again remember we all thought the secret ending from Kingdom Hearts 2 was Kingdom Hearts 3 but instead it was Birth By Sleep instead (Still a great game though.)

So now we have some "news" coming to us in Kingdom Hearts form before i go onto Kingdom Hearts 3 i just want to say it can be an equally awesome surprise.. HD REMAKES OF KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP (Being the true prequel) KINGDOM HEARTS AND KINGDOM HEARTS 2 in one awesome package of epic HD remake that will have us fans going crazier than every Disney villain combined! classic games have been getting the HD remakes God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Devil May Cry and even Metal Gear Solid so why shouldn't Kingdom Hearts get its fully HD remake? Now controversy comes with this could the remake be on Xbox360 and Ps3 like Final Fantasy games as of late or should it stay a PS3 exclusive like God of War Collection?

I made a Worlds and Characters blog for Kingdom Hearts 3 that i think would be great to add And even more worlds to add that would make the next game more diverse and adding a lot more characters and Disney movies and give the story a run for its money. Something else i notice that adds a lot more controversy and hilarity to Kingdom Hearts... Disney owns Marvel.... so that means we might see Marvel Characters in the next game O__O i know mind blown right I'll give you a minute to gather your thoughts. Highly doubtful but none the less funny to see some worthwhile characters from Marvel to add more depth to the story. Since i know you all know one character i would love to see let's not even post a picture she would be good to add as a peace keeper that loses control and you get to score a Light Keyblade and a Dark Keyblade and possibly an all powerful White Key of the crown weapon.

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