Friday, January 27, 2012

Resident Evil 6 might be going in another direction from Resident Evil 5

Being such a fanatic for the series and my love of blogging i take it and hope you enjoy my many Resident Evil 6 blogs and information and speculation. Capcom and the executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi as well as director Eichiro Sasaki, and producer Yoshaki Hirabayashi are well aware that the bold decision to move Resident Evil 5 more action based and less puzzles and scare factor was well received by new players but to veterans like me who wanted to be scared while playing didn't have that luxury, i still enjoyed running and gunning don't get me wrong but i wasn't scared or doing puzzles that took my entire brain to solve.

Well we can rest assured that they know our fear will be well received..... I'm even more afraid of that cant wait to see what the full game will offer as a whole experience in the fear department, hope if they have to looking at games like Dead Space are good examples of scary in my opinion. Just when you think more good news cant come from this a third unnamed protagonist will join our boys Leon and Chris. In a previous blog i mentioned Ada was returning since it's Leon and what not.... could they be talking about her and i spilled the beans (o.O!) or could they possibly leave her as the double agent character and give us another famed Resident Evil character to help our boys?

Haven't heard a thing from either one of them in a very long time maybe it's time for one of them to shine and raise some questions as to why the heck China was where one of them decided to be.

As much as i would love to FINALLY have Jill and Leon meet I'm getting a little tired of the Chris and Jill spotlight 2.5 games (Resident Evil 5, Lost in Nightmares, and Resident Evil Revelations.) Although something people don't know is that its the tenth anniversary of the Raccoon City incident..... Jill along with someone else was their.......

The newest vixen in the Resident Evil girl universe who only knows Chris and Jill maybe its time for her to branch out and know a real man like Leon and someone like Ada perhaps... I'd like to see Sheva again i didn't mind her and hope she wasn't a Rebbecca kind of sidekick that makes solo appearances or only gets to be in one full game.

Now we make it to the kind hearted sweetie pie of Resident Evil and that is Claire Redfield, not only besides Leon and Jill has she survived the Raccoon City disaster as well as others it would be nice to see Claire team up and actually see her brother Chris again and teaming up with Leon is always good.

Remember in the trailer when Chris and his solider were arguing and he said "Don't let your personal vendetta's cloud your judgement." I don't know if Chris has many judgements to cloud his judgement......

Chris you mad bro?!?!?!?
Aside from all of this this game is going to the largest Resident Evil title in terms of sheer scale as said by the people working on the game so expect lots of fights, frights and zombies to kill... and news cant forget news!

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