Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Resident Evil 6!!!! No words can describe my hype i love you Capcom!

You know the reason i love Capcom so much and take much of the abuse like in most abusive nerd to video game company relationships is because in the end i know the good will come out... and damn it i have the best of what i waited for in this announcement of Resident Evil 6. If your just reading this know this, i am a huge fanatic for the Resident Evil series so with the announcement followed many nerdgasms, and nerd attacks to my mind.

Let's go through some stuff first before we go into more important stuff..... ok just one.. OMG LOOK AT LEON!!!!... Ok got that out of my system one of our heroes is none other than the staple hero aka the Batman of Resident Evil Leon S. Kennedy he rejoins us since his adventures in 4 and in Degeneration all pitting Leon to his limits well hope Leon and his new facial hair can handle this.... what am i saying can? Leon gets help from Hunnigan his trusty radio gal who tells you everything about your mission from where you are... one of the things she says is over 60% of the population is infected which makes it over 60,000 people to headshot in a single enviornment.... hope i can get the Chicago typewriter for this mission.

Anyone else notice how that one zombie is holding a weapon!?!? o.O

Looks familiar RE2 fans? Well welcome to China boys and girls its been the next nation to be affected by bioterrism and its up to you to stop this...

Sorry guys had to do it......Stay Tuned for my next blog about Resident Evil 6

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