Monday, January 30, 2012

My Cast Monday: Harley Quinn

Mila Kunis:

Not only do i think that she would be the perfect comedic side kick to the joker but she's got a knack for putting her own flare to everything she does (Book of Eli and Black Swan) her hard work and dedication and mentality to go over the top..... that's the Harley Quinn we all deserve.

Christina Ricci:

Awww look at that face.... that's the out right point of her and what she can bring to Harley an adorable face but a completely warped mind that is dangerous and down right funny.

Helena Bonham Carter:
Speaking of warped minds i bring you one of the most warped acting minds to play the role of Harley Quinn she would have a great costume idea since she has a Harley look and her mind can go to dark places already so i know she can do the role justice.

Amy Poehler:

Now we move to the woman that i know has the funny factor to pull this role off, being psychotic though might be a challenge but i don't put it past Amy to give us the Harley that would keep us laughing. Remember when i put Tina Fey as Poison Ivy? well now we have twice the lesbian action if the two of them were ever casted!  

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