Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Resident Evil 6... What to see and what to expect..

Moving on to other Resident Evil 6 news it's looking awesome and.... oh right i promised you a new challenger didn't i? Well Leon isn't going to be alone in this game.....

That's right Chris Redfield is also appearing in this game with Leon (They know of each other but never worked together until now.) Thing is Chris is working with his own team from BSAA so no team up or awful fan fiction yet fans and fan girls. What we can expect though are more perspectives from the story, Leon seems to be assisted by a mysterious woman who feels involved in the destruction of wherever they are and Chris with himself and his squad.

The President Mr. Graham has been planning to come clean about what took place Bio terrorism wise, until he himself is turned into a monster forcing Leon to make a gut wrenching decision.... Where the hell was Ashley when the shots were fired (Yeah i'm still mad at her uselessness, that kind of non existant effort goes unpunished.) Sadly Leon has to kill his own president and things transfer over from that.

So sorry about this Mr. President..... This is for the tax hike! *Bang*
Gameplay wise this game is the child of Resident Evil 4, Operation Raccoon City, and some small elements from 5 along with those games the Gameplay is over the top and all the things we were looking for 5 to be that 4 had started but didn't complete. Over the shoulder shooting action returns and we go back to fighting zombies again.. AWESOME, what i'm expecting is that scare factor that Resident Evil 5 didn't have they should take notes from Resident Evil's in the past especially that of Resident Evil 4 in the scare department.

For my hype and more info leading into Resident Evil 6

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