Thursday, January 26, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Who can we expect to see?

Since the announcement of Resident Evil 6 you can tell I've been a very busy Dark Phoenix... Well I've given you the what, where, and the how but not to much emphasis on the who, let this article field any questions you have about the new comers of the game.

Yay Ashley Graham hoo freakin ray... that's what i get for talking her up i guess right? Well here she is with the new guy she's partnered with, hope he's in for the useless ride of a lifetime. I digress what the hell is a mercenary doing with the president's daughter during a zombie infestation?

The mercenary in question with Ashley for whatever reason in the trailer he is seen injecting himself with something and saying "They want my blood? They've got to pay top dollar for it." Holy zombie biting Batman is he injecting himself with Zombrex?! Maybe Frank and Chuck's next destination could be to Resident Evil eh?


This weird Bane looking creature seems to want to get you hooked on venom and... well death but i move on enemies in this game look like its going back to the sh!t my controller scary and make me have nerd related nightmares about how to kill them when i know i will fail in killing them if i can get my hands on this game.

Speaking of sh!t my controller monsters this new guy here can reach for you anywhere.. I'm serious he was behind cover and he got him, Cheating monsters aside I'm looking forward to more of this game especially since Leon and Chris will have overlapping stories that will connect to one another like in Resident Evil 2 not sure about the other characters and the involvement they have in getting the spotlight of game play on their own but hey cant complain when you know were getting at least two different stories to play meaning more killing, shooting, and head shotting the undead with anything we can reload or swing with.

One last thing i forgot to mention about who can we expect another favorite character of mine...:

Ada Wong is in the building people!! She is confirmed to be a playable character and i can't wait to see what her involvement is and what she's going to be doing to be interacting with both Chris and of course Leon. come on most of the time you know where the Leon is Ada is on board and following. Think of Ada and her involvement in the story like Catwoman in Arkham City, behind the scenes doing her own thing but benefiting Leon and Chris or just Leon and in the end she does bad ass things and my Ada is even more awesome if Sally Cahill returns to voice my Ada.

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