Thursday, September 6, 2012

Teen Titans.... return in full length episodes!!

When i first brought the Teen Titans coming back to TV i was more than ecstatic, I mentioned it would be shorts and i was still excited because i knew the shorts were going to be a test ground to make sure the audience for the Teen Titans was still strong and man is it stronger than ever now. The new show titled Teen Titans Go!! will be a heavily comical series about the funny side of being a teenage hero, featuring the return of our awesome five Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire with all the original voice actors returning as well!! Including the awesome and recently busy Tara Strong! The series seems to focus on a more comedic angle and no word if it's a continuation of the original series.. Teen Titans Go! is the name of the comic that continued after the series and that cliffhanger that made us all rage.

Making an entire comedic Teen Titans cartoon isnt the worst i only say that because the original cartoon had it's humor but it was also a very action based and dramatic show for it's time, if they just stick to that formula and bring it back to what it once was then we're all in for surprises and finally being able to watch this in full swing is aweosme and i cant't wait.

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