Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well just as I thought being a blogger would have me excited to write something I thought was damn near impossible I give you the animated teen titans cartoon is returning to TV!! I am so excited for this news like I'm pretty sure nerds all over were (Mom included) as we were all sad to see the cartoon go especially with that cliffhanger Terra ending. Later on though an continuation in comic form Teen Titans Go was made and it was good don't get me wrong, added some new characters and really good storylines.

Reading Ravager was awesome but being able to possibly watch her would be even better in so many ways, On March 3rd Cartoon Network will have the DC Lineup of awesome shows such as the finally returning Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Seeing Teen Titans back is a wish i had given up on the only tiny negative is that it's going to be a short and not necessarily the full show don't worry though honorary titan this is just a test to see just how many of us are still loyal and how many viewers this will rack up.

Another good thing about the return of Teen Titans is a worry that we all had being whether the show should it ever return have a new art style and or new voice actors.... WRONG! Greater news is the show will keep the same great style and all the voice actors will be returning to fulfill the roles they have made for themselves, news like this makes me want to thank us as fans because without our constant support this could only have been half possible and CN realizing they had a great thing going and now with all the characters and storylines Teen Titans has to show for itself I'm not worried that CN will see our excitement and return the show full force and regain the glory they had when the show was on top of its game.

One down and one to go comic book fans now it would be great if they would see what they have again and bring back Justice League: Unlimited as well, I'm grateful with this and I'll let the uproar from this see if CN is listening to the fans and brings back another classic show into a new world. What about another revival of a fellow titan and stand alone show:

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