Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No more teasing.. IPhone5 could be out sooner than we think

Wondering how Apple went from 4 to 4S? Well now Apple took some counting lessons from the count on sesame street and the 5 is coming and might be released in September! whoo just in time to get kids in debt for school and when the bulk of new phones come out anyway its going to be a powerful month for phones i can already see that. One thing about the Iphone5 is the way it looks with it's bigger screen and the release of the IOS 6 Apple's newest mobile platform mobile platform. Everyone with an Apple product is going to pick one up or use the upgrades available on the plan to get this but what is missing for you to pick it up? I would like to see a color variety between IPhones black and white are cool but why not a blue, red, or pink Iphone? With it's possible release coming in September this month can host a conference for Apple to show off the finished model and show off what the phone is capable of.. *coughs* IZOMBIES!

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