Friday, September 7, 2012

Pick a Wii U... Any Wii U?

Nintendo is very excited to release more information regarding the Wii U sometime this week and i can't wait to hear what they have to say about it. With rumors of a Black Friday (biggest shopping day) release and others saying an 11-11-12 release it's going to be interesting if they would be a year late for an 11-11-11 wish or if introducing a brand new product on the biggest discount shopping day known to man is going to help or hurt the Wii U in the long run. Recently Video Product Distributors has posted different SKU's aka products for the new Wii U system and not only that with different prices as well.

So we've got a $249, $299, and even a $349 system on our hands... a very unique strategy for Nintendo indeed but also has it's flaws, It's obvious the more expensive system is going to possibly include a lot more in the bang for your buck department but what's going down in the free game question? Nintendo Land is a rumored game that is coming free with the system so if that's the case what would the other systems come included with to be worth the price tag? If it's even true don't let me leave that out. I'm hoping that we get two color varieties at launch  black and white would be a great set of Wii U's to pick from not only that would they offer more memory? A possible Wii Mote and Nunchuck? Something Nintendo has never done and giving us the ability to watch a DVD on a system!? Or even a rumored Wii U pro that gives us a complete bad ass package?

With the information coming sooner than we think September 13th is the date to watch out for and i will keep you all posted and hyped as best i can!

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  1. Yes, curious minds do want to know. It would be awesome if Nintendoland came with the system.