Tuesday, September 25, 2012

G4TV getting a reboot?... It lost it's way since way back anyway

Remember back in the day when a channel like G4 was something us gamers and nerds could only dream about? With chart topping shows like Cheat, X-Play, Attack of the Show and other great shows like Judgment Day etc. G4 was the ultimate source with gamers in mind and we loved it! Mix all that with a great cast and funny skits here and their and now were talking about something that changed the world in the means of video game TV. Then it slowly started to go downhill axing shows like Cheat and Judgment Day to replace it with Cops and Heroes (I let Heroes slide because it was a great show back then) but slowly moving away from what it started was the first sign of danger Will Robinson!

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With G4 slowly losing it's flavor even more upsets revolving around both Adam Sessler leaving and Kevin Pereira taking his leave was even more of a truth behind G4 losing it's flare, now if i turn on G4 i see video games sometimes and "Hot" girls that know nothing about games most of the time and are only around for eye candy. NBC Universal would like to re hash the network to appeal to a more male demographic ages 18-24 and shows that are more "GQ" appeal. Coming in 2013 maybe NBC wants to keep the "Tech Savvy" roots but i think video games would be shown less if anything, I've already lost my focus on G4 and not surprised they got bought out and are getting a new reboot of sorts. While the veteran shows like X-play and Attack of the Show might not be leaving the new network at first it seems like we need to do something about networks and video game content back on TV.

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