Friday, May 4, 2012

Adam Sessler has left the building gamers..

For as long as i can remember Adam Sessler has been involved with the gaming world since i was in diapers playing Super Mario and he has done so much for gaming as a whole as an industry, sadly though he has left G4TV. He's been the face behind the network since it was ZDTV in 1998 and the co-host of X-Play along Morgan Webb and others at G4. Seems like this has been long overdue if you ask me, with X-Play changing from a chill show where him and Morgan talked and reviewed games with superbly written sketches in between now it seems like a show that is trying to hard with a lot of questionable review scores. I have been at odds with Adam sometimes but as a reviewer and journalist your not going to agree with everyone and you've got to tell your own truth about something, some might like it others won't but it doesn't change what you think.

With G4TV as a network showing less gaming content and re runs of Cops, Heroes and other shows that had nothing to do with gaming and axing good shows like Cheat did Adam possibly see the drop of gaming content and speak up to get the network back to its former glory and that ended in a dispute? Not sure the details aren't being specified but i have a feeling it would have helped us, Adam is a very powerful voice and journalist in gaming and i respect him and wish the best of luck to him in his future plans.

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