Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"We do have plans for Thanos" Schemers trying to control the fate of the galaxy!

We all know that the Titan of certain death and gems is coming to the Marvel Universe in one way or another but could we have jumped the gun a little too much? A sequel to the Avengers adding the big bad Thanos would be awesome but do you feel that the Avengers can handle a threat as big as him and not to mention as powerful? They finally learned how to work together and went on to defeat Loki yes but with someone like The Mad Titan needs a little more firepower to even be considered worthy of his time. With rumors of Wasp and Ant-Man in the movies possibly makes me wonder if were taking this seriously because even The Avatar of Death himself isn't going to like being paired off against such small opponents.... get it?

Wanting to take things slow and not rush things is a move that is smart on Marvel's part and to take your time means you can focus on solo movies and characters needed to face the Power Glove threat at his prime, could we see mergers in the Marvel Universe can the companies put the differences aside so they can make a super fangasmic movie of epic proportions? I would love to see some power houses and others in the Avengers sequels and even other villains if it calls for it but more importantly we need to get daddy aka Reed Richards in the movies asap! Hank Pym is good but not as good as the #1 smartest man! In the end Thanos was shown at the end credits for a reason and it could mean he's in the sequel or a possible third movie we'll just have to wait and see and get hype at a slow pace for now until more news!

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