Friday, June 8, 2012

How can you put a Lego ring on that hand?

My list of Lego games that should be made

Lego games have been causing a storm of blocks and awesome and i must say i love it all, the Lego games are always fun little games that offer nothing but pure fun and great funny stories based on things like Star Wars, Pirates, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and of course my favorite Lego Batman. Now a new Lego game builds it's way into systems and it is none other than Lego Lord of the Rings!! With them having a priority of making Lego games based off books and comic books I'm pretty sure we all knew was going to happen, i must consult the Council of Elrond! Hoping it will offer new gameplay and of course the standard drop in drop out co-op that makes the Lego games that much more fun for more than one person. I'm playing as Sauron, The Witch King of Angmar and of course Gandalf!

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