Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mark Ruffalo is here to stay as Hulk! x6

Sadly with no Edward Norton as Hulk Mark Ruffalo filled in the spot as Hulk for the Avengers film

Another sad bit of news is no Hulk Sequels are planned at this point (Possible lie) I feel Hulk has at least one more movie in him plus a live action appearance of Jenifer Walters aka She Hulk would be nice since she's another Avenger who fights alongside the team and plus with her cousin possibly missing what more reason for the green girl powerhouse to join the team and fight the villains they throw at her and the team. Mark Ruffalo is currently signed on for six Marvel movies.. with no Hulk sequels that begs the question... which movies?? Will Hulk have cameo's in the main films to compensate for not having his own movie? Or could they be planning a total nerd phenomenon and make a live action Hulk vs movie!?!? Hugh Jackman vs Mark Ruffalo needs to happen! And be rated R!! Can the Hulk survive cameo's only to without a doubt return for the Avengers Sequel. I guess until further notice we have a new shade for Hulk and its Cameo shade.

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