Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Wolverine sets it's production in the Outback

Must read The Wolverine article!

With all kinds of rumors surrounding The Wolverine its a breath of fresh air we get the news that it begins filming this year and will start in Sydney, Australia as a bonus. Great to hear that while rumors were saying they were halting this movie to work on something else, its an awesome thing they kept the priorities and endless possibilities with Hugh Jackman and Wolverine in the front seat. Not sure if you guys know but the Japan arc is the story where he meets Lady Deathstrike (Played by Kelly Hu in X2) and Silver Samurai they would be perfect characters to give Wolverine a run for his money and the great beginning to something great for Wolverine for his character development. Another thing is what happens at the end of this movie? Will it pull a Captain America and flash forward Wolverine into the present day with Sam Jackson aka Nick Fury telling him about the Avengers Initiative and he's been chosen to join the Avengers!!!?? that would be the most hype thing to do since Wolverine is on the top of lists everywhere since in the comics he joined since he was the only one willing to kill people and the team knew that. Plus Wolverine and Captain America have a past of fighting in the same war together so imagine there faces when they see each other after all those years.

Another thing is since the Avengers all have the iconic costumes of the comic counterparts or a remixed version does this mean we could see Hugh Jackman in the classic yellow Wolverine outfit?!

But i know what your all thinking... how can Wolverine connect to the marvel universe correctly? Well my idea for a great ending scene to the next Wolverine movie:

*Wolverine smokes a cigar after everything he just went through with the japan arc.. when suddenly a figure comes behind him, Wolverine doesn't need to turn around as his only words are...*

"What do you want now Fury?"

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