Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lego Games that should be made.

I'm actually a fan of the Lego games and there funny non dialogue so why not have these franchises turned into blocks of Lego:

Lego X-Men:
Probably should be one of the top superhero games to make Lego like honestly. They have endless possibilities and an infinite supply of characters and story lines to use. I would love to see a Lego Dark Phoenix by the way =D. Also since the Lego characters are notorious for not speaking Lego Deadpool should be able to talk clearly and break the 4th wall (Literally and figuratively.)

Lego God Of War:
Your confused i can tell don't worry i know the blood and gore aspect cant be added but i think it would be a funny game all around like Kratos would just growl and his enemies would break apart and run into each other.

Lego Green Lantern:
Lego's have always inspired us as kids to use our imagination to the fullest so why not have a hero who literally has to use his imagination combined with Lego? Also most popular super hero games would make great Lego games anyway.

Lego Lord Of The Rings:

The Lego Matrix:
The Matrix helped shape Sci-fi and so why not have this idea in Lego form? A last Lego fight between Lego Neo and Lego Agent Smith would be so funny.

Lego Spider-Man:
With great Lego's comes great games, such a simple premise its hilarious actually.

Lego Star Trek:
Star Wars got a shot so why cant i see a Lego Spock trying to do "live long and prosper" even though he doesn't have fingers.

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