Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dead Space 3 let's you share the horror with a crazy friend

When EA announced a new Dead Space game coming to us here on Earth next year i was excited and terrified of more of those damn babies and even worse monsters, Dead Space 2 pushed the limits of what Dead Space 1 was and made it even more action packed and more frightening so I'm eager to see how they plan to push the limits even more with Dead Space 3. Much like Fear 3 you will be joined by a new character that a friend can plug in to play as for the story with you in the drop in drop out co-op feature that's being added, the twist of this feature goes as follows if you play with co-op the new character will be featured alongside Issac in cut scenes affecting the story somehow. Still no name of the new character I'm going out on a limb here... (See what i did there?) and guessing it could be a possible shadow Issac that was previously mentioned.

With the new co-op affecting the story in some way addition to Dead Space i can't wait to get a friend and enjoy the horror that is Dead Space 3 together. Most game companies now are adding co-op and i feel that it's a smart move why not have fun gaming with someone? My mom is willing to play ANYTHING as long as she can play it with me so why not bring her into the Dead Space world.. for as long as she can. Another new mechanic will be the ability to crouch, dodge roll and i can now kill human enemies!? boy this game is shaping up to be something else stay tuned as i deliver more of the Dead Space news!

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