Thursday, July 25, 2013

SDCC 2013: Power Rangers Legacy Collection Announced

The first 20 years of the Power Rangers are coming in a super awesome special collectors edition collection in an awesome Red Ranger helmet. 

First of all, the DVDs are stored in slots in the back of the helmet, separated into 10 tins. "The tins are going to look like the Power Coins," Ward explained. "Each one of those tins will hold 10 discs." And as a bonus for the hardcore fans, "there are two empty slots for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. So if you have those movies on DVD and you've got the first 20 years' worth of episodes, and the two movies right there in one helmet." The black base, meanwhile, will house a hefty episode guide book, featuring trivia, photographs and artwork.

Choosing the Red Ranger helmet as the premiere helmet to use was also a journey in speculation said Ward,

You've got the White Ranger, for sure. Tommy is Tommy -- you can't take that away from anyone... but you want that first iconic helmet that we all remember seeing to be the one that represents the series... It is the hope and dream that this particular helmet is sitting on fans' shelves and that it's the highlight of their collection."
No release or price has been given yet but my guess it's been 20 years and only 2000 copies available my guess is... $200-$300 stay tuned for the best information and up to date news.

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