Thursday, July 25, 2013

SDCC 2013: Nightcrawler is back everyone!

Our favorite teleporting X-Beast Nightcrawler has been dead for a minute and some time but Marvel is bringing back the blue swordsman in a new  X-Men story. Being dead since X-men: Second Coming it's not as easy as being resurrected with a Monster Reborn, Phoenix Down or a Rescue, No Wolverine and a team of X-Men which consists of Storm, Iceman, Beast, and holy crap yes that's Firestar!

This team with Wolverine is going to have to have their work cut our for them because it's going to be a lot more than a simple rescue mission, All across the planes of the dead and the living this team is going to have more than they bargained for when Nightcrawler's Red teleporting father Azazel comes into the picture.

As you can see "Like father, like son" plays a lot into this Azazel is now seen as a sword wielding pirate of the... underworld... Cervantes much? Or a Edward Conway and Hellboy mix? Flying pirate ships, undead warriors through the bloody rivers and blissful encounters will see that even if you're dead and coming back its a pain than just being dead in the first place, artist Ed McGuinness will be joining the team for this amazing series this fall.

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