Thursday, July 25, 2013

SDCC 2013: Go go Power Rangers... Comic

Let's Go go to the comic book store you Mighty Morphing Power Rangers fans! It's been 20 epic years since the Mighty Morphers were a large part of our childhoods and it's publisher Papercutz has heard our suggestions and begging for a comic series and has announced a comic book that will feature our original cast of the power rangers so

  1. Zach - Black Ranger
  2. Kimberly - Pink Ranger
  3. Billy - Blue Ranger
  4. Trini - Yellow Ranger
  5. Jason - Red Ranger
  6. Tommy - White Ranger
All reunited in a lost episode graphic novel format, the first volume will take place during the period of time before Tommy aka Jason David Frank was the green ranger and the arrival of Lord Zedd (Take into account these are probably fan service issues so no nerdy corrections here.) 

This first volume will be written by Stefan Petrucha and illustrated by PH Marcondes, and is slated to be released in May 2014.

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