Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Marvel may be eyeing of Agamotto Evil Dead director for Doctor Strange

With all the news brought to you by yours truly revolving around Dr. Strange let me catch you up to speed in case you didnt know:
  1. Confirmed for Marvel's Phase 3!
  2. George R.R. Martin expressing interest in directing a solo film
  3. Dr. Strange getting a cameo in Thor: A Dark World
  4. My Casting for both Doctor Strange and Doctor Strange Villains
Rumor has it director of the Evil Dead Fede Alvarez and screenwriter Robo Sayagues are being eyed for a Marvel movie Dr. Strange is the only Phase Three film besides Ant-Man confirmed so who knows maybe the duo can take a mystic trip that Marvel movie goers will never forget or maybe another hero would get the treatment from these talented individuals. 

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