Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dr. Strange confirmed for Marvel's Phase 3! Spell of about damn time!

Someone who needs no introduction but will get one anyway Dr. Stephen Strange the Sorcerer Supreme is going to be tackling his own problems in a solo movie during Marvel's Phase 3! No word on whose going to play him but with the Dr.Strange Cameo in Thor: A Dark World news of who takes up the title of Sorcerer Supreme could be sooner than later.

The only thing later is the release date since Avengers 2 ends Marvel's Phase 2 of movies in 2015 this movie couldn't see the light of day until at least 2016-2017 latest so while that is a long time he will be getting a worthy introduction so he won't be forgotten and people will know who he is even after the cameo in Thor 2 and possibly Avengers 2? (Against Thanos they're going to need all the help they can get!)

A unique movie in it's own right if anyone can tell while the Marvel movies have been about science Dr.Strange will take us on a journey through mysticism and magic, Thor can relate and fans of Dr.Strange will be eager to know a lot:

Who will play Dr.Strange?
Will he be appearing in two movies as a pre game to his own movie?
What villain can be used?
Where will Strange be defending?
When will we get solid news?!

All of this will be answered when more information is surfaced and it will be delivered to you guys here so stay tuned!

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