Thursday, October 4, 2012

A song of Mysticism and Agamotto?

George R.R. Martin famed writer of A Song of Ice and Fire has pointed out his possible interest in writing for a Marvel Character and its none other than Dr. Strange! Several problems come with that wish though and I'm going to explain them:

  1. He wouldn't want to have Dr. Strange connected to the Marvel movie continuity or apart of any teams.
  2. George wants Strange to be his own creation and never be re imagined or rebooted by anyone writing it after him.
While it's a nice thought it can't happen we need Strange in our universe to help compete with the threats that lie ahead of us and his Orb of Agamatto in Odin's vault is more than enough proof that we need the Doctor and he is here to stay in our continuity. George feels he would write the edge of the universe Marvel hero dealing with threats and entities that the other heroes don't even know about, true enough yes but the lack of social interaction with the rest of the heroes can break the idea of expanding the universe and setting up for a bigger picture that George would have to agree with and see or not be able to write for a favorite character of his sadly. I think he can do an alright job but remember he takes a while to finish his literature took him five years to write a book of Song of Ice and Fire and we need Dr. Strange.. STAT!

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