Monday, November 12, 2012

The Wolverine stands alone.. and regenerates alone

I've been on the prowl using my super.. research and blogging powers to bring you The Wolverine news you all need! So when i first told you guys It started filming in the Outback or remember the time i Put Wolverine and others on my Avengers 2 wishlist i couldn't bring anything else you guys didn't know about? This movie takes place possibly after X-men 2? (I don't think they ever made a sequel) The film is already described as a Japanese Noir film with a tenpole of action in it.

Learning from X-Men Origins we all assumed the sequel was going to be another prequel that would lead up to X-men.. man were we wrong. This movie is going to be a solo production (Taking place after that movie that shall not be named) The world Wolverine knew is gone.. Jean is gone (but coming back!) and the X-men are disbanded more than Destiny's Child, leaving our poor Logan feeling lonely and wandering the world hence the Japan Saga and and Silver Samurai (I suggest Maggie Q as Lady Deathstrike) i know i was one of the many fans that felt  Captain America lacked some flashbacks when Steve and Logan served in WWII but in the Wolverine we will see some WWII flashbacks.. and possibly Chris Evans? or some already shot footage. SO much to take in at once i know but get your creative juices going and think of some possibilities who knows we can be right!

"That's something that for me was very important, that I land in a very specific place in his timeline,"James Mangold went on to say. "I wanted to be able to tell the story without the burden of handing it off to a film that already exists and having to conform to it. The ideas of immortality reign very heavily in this story and the burden of immortality weighs heavily on Logan. For me that's such an interesting part of Logan's character that is nearly impossible to explore if you have a kind of league or team movie."

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