Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Patrick Stewart playing real life mind tricks on us?

When the man himself Sir Patrick Stewart was asked about returning to his iconic and perfectly cast role as Professor Xavier he simply smiled and said "I think there is every possibility".. Come on! Why not bring him back i think the plans go farther than we think with Sir Ian McKellen returning as Magneto you cant have one without the other honestly so i think we can take that as a yes! He also added some sprinkles to the hype cake and added the names of his female co-stars: Halle Berry (Storm) Famke Janssen (Jean Grey/ Phoenix) and was caught saying.. "Yes I'll be reprising...." only to be cut off by someone saying and of course Hugh Jackman and Sir Ian McKellen. Not sure if all the starts from the previous franchises would reprise there roles i would love to see them again as the characters they brought such life to especially Hugh, Halle, and Famke as the respective characters and of course Ian and Patrick. In the hands of another director now that Marvel is working hard to make movies great X-men can be revived and take place after X-men 2 traditionally.

We'll see what happens with the first class sequel though that is taking place during days of future past which has old and young versions of major characters Patrick can have his start in that and then Marvel's Phase 2 or even Phase 3 can have X-men 4 under it's belt!

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