Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fox recruits Mark Millar for movies... MAXIMUM AWESOME!

Ever wonder when the hell Marvel was going to step up there game even more in the movies department with other franchises? well look no further because Fox has recruited Mark Millar as a creative consultant for such movies as X-Men and Fantastic Four! I know that's so much to take in so I'll it down for you take a breather and keep reading. So far Fox has... Daredevil (shudder) under it's belt as movies without the help of Mark Millar and now its obvious with his years of writing Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four this help could not have come at a better time with Disney owning Marvel can the arrival of The Wolverine hitting theaters July 23, 2013 and Days of Future Past coming 2014 with everything happening to us movie wise in the next couple years can we see these franchises merged to help us against Thanos?! Mark Millar can most likely make it happen and if that wasn't enough a rebooted Josh Trank Fantastic Four reboot is on the way also!

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