Friday, October 5, 2012

Garfield and Webb back on the web path to great movie power

Well Spidey fans I'm sure you all knew it was coming or you hoped and just didn't know where to turn for the confirmation, ANDREW GARFIELD AND MARC WEBB are back for an Amazing Spider-Man sequel due out in theatres May 2, 2014. Glad to know this news since i thought it should have been called Epic Spider-Man glad to see the guys back and ready and eager for the sequel, no word on Emma Stone reprising her role as death certificate... i mean Gwen Stacy but I'm positive she's going to be gracing us again as the love interest for Peter Parker. Everything worked out for Webb and Fox to have him return for the sequel and with the hints and cliffhangers left to us by the first one I'm eager to learn who they would choose as the villain this time around:

Felicia Hardy Aka Black Cat:

While not directly mentioned my theory is in Amazing Spider-Man the burglar (Skilled might i add) who robbed the convenience store and shot uncle Ben is Felicia's father who in the ultimate universe (the basis behind the movie) was the one who shot uncle Ben, granted he never found him but what if instead he stumbles upon his daughter who takes up the mantle of thief only to betray our web slinger till the end?

Now i know you guys have missed my castings so I'm giving some picks for Black Cat:

Olivia Wilde:

Mila Kunis:

Beth Behrs:

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