Monday, September 3, 2012

You would get to the chopper faster than Arnold would be in future sequels

News broke that Arnold would star in the next two installments of Terminator... but Skynet had something to do with that news and without an official quote from Arnold himself I'm afraid this news is not true and i think the future of Terminator will be on the terms of the future and not on the original Terminator himself. I'm figuring the foundation is going to be placed now on two more films that has to deal with the future and the war that has been mentioned throughout the entire franchise of the series and how it would eventually end. Although with the world of shows like Sarah Connor Chronicles being cancelled at it's prime i do feel like a comic book series continuing from where the show left off would be a perfect way to build hype for another Terminator film and since the last place they ended up was the future.... THE POSSIBILITIES! And of course seeing how the comic can tie into another movie would be timeless.

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