Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Activision wants to STAMPEDE... On your tablets and android devices!

Activision Anthology is available for Ipad, Ipod touch, Iphone and Android devices! Remember the good ol days of classic games like Pitfall 1&2, Demon Attack, Stampede, Enduro and more! I know nostalgia hype at it's best.. and on the go! I can't go on but i have to got to get you guys ready and give you as much as i can you know how nice i am to you gamers. Another great offer is you get the game Kaboom.. for free! Man it's great to be a retro gamer and have this on your phone, Another great feature is the games include everything we remember:
  • Multiple control schemes
  • Original cartridge box art
  • Game manuals
  • Tips and tricks are also provided from the game designers
All of this nostalgia in one easy download for your mobile device? How can you say no to something like that it's only $6.99 for the package which isn't bad at all and the game offers you different ways to play from classic and remastered depending on the gamer you are and how you want to play.

App Store Link: goo.gl/JFnNB
Google Play Link: goo.gl/pTRL4

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