Friday, August 31, 2012

E3 Lives in L.A. and stays there... until 2015 at least

Remember when i broke the news that E3 might be moving from L.A. and had a lot of places to go well i can gladly say that E3 will be staying in Los Angeles through 2015.. i secretly sigh i dreamed of a New York E3 were hype to you know! Aside from that I'm glad to report that E3 will be staying to it's roots and not moving, you cant ignore the home feel and all the news that has broken in L.A. thanks to E3 that would be like moving Comic Con from San Diego it wouldn't have the same hype feel but it would still be cool. So for the next three years we will have our precious E3 coverage and convention where it should be and maybe 2016 they can consider coming to other places like New York!

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