Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looks like the uprising stops right here

Anyone with a 3DS picked up Kid Icarus Uprising it is so damn awesome! It really is a premiere reason to pick up the system honestly... Besides Ocarina of Time of course. What happens is some companies like to stay on that high note with a game and let us stay on that cloud 9 feeling and Pit is going to be just that for a while. The producer Masahiro Sakurai gives is an arrow to the heart and tells us Pit wont be returning in a new Kid Icarus game anytime soon. So while that means that a sequel isn't possible per se it's just not on the front burner in the eyes of  Masahiro Sakurai right now, pushing a lot of great content into one game and letting us get everything from that is how they plan to build hype and get us extra excited for a sequel should they ever make one. While a sequel has an answer of no it doesn't mean it's not possible people keep those angel wings high and get your bow and arrows ready for anything.

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