Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Are you ready for some Grifball!!! A November Night party!!!

Any fans of Red vs Blue here? You know the sport that was created from the series Grifball? 343 Studio's has been paying attention to the community and will be including the famous Grifball mode in the newest installment Halo 4 as a full multiplayer fun ass time to be had by all. Some changes have been made to the mode by the development team if changes to Grifball were needed but hey I'm open to more awesome from the it so I'm good. I'm loving the idea of bringing this mode to life and giving the shoot em up portion of the game some rest and having the no holds bar fun that Grifball represents.

The rules of Griffball:

  1. Two teams Red vs Blue go against each other in an empty room.
  2. Only weapons allowed are Plasma Swords and Gravity Hammers.
  3. A bomb is spawned in the middle of the room, your goal is to carry the bomb to the opposite teams goal and the other team has to kill the Griff (bomb holder) 
I can't tell you how insane things will get online and how much absolute madness this will bring, the fact that 343 Studios is this up to date with the Halo and Red Vs Blue communities proves that they know what they're doing with Halo and all I'm hoping for is a Halo 2 Anniversary some time but for right now I'm great! 

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