Friday, September 14, 2012

New Resident Evil 6 demo coming soon!!! Hype Virus is spreading!!

I think it's an understatement that i love to bring you Resident Evil 6 news, it's the game that i love and will continue to love forever! Now i bring you news of a demo coming to us September 18th but here's the kicker guys... It's an ALL NEW demo so for those of us who didn't purchase Dragon's Dogma get a brand new longer experience and the people who bought the game for the early access demo get something new as well so everyone wins in the end. Great job Capcom for making sure all parties can enjoy the awesomeness that will be the new demo! With online co-op included you and a friend can survive the horror together in three different campaigns, no word on offline co-op don't think it's included but i hope it is.

Take the guns of all playable characters:

  1. Leon and Helena as they tour the horrors of Ivy University bringing us back to the horror of the series we know and love. 
  2. Jake and Sherry take the journey being the kids of famed scientists Albert Wesker and William Birkin as the bloodlines work side by side and take on the J'avo.
  3. Chris and Piers of the BSAA (Sheva must have been busy @_@) take their squad out and shoot everything and interact with a certain character that is going to mess them up.
As the game progresses all characters will meet up and interact so that is going to be great! Also available now for PS3 owners is the Xbox360 Dragons Dogma demo to hold them off until the newer demo is released. October 2nd can't get here sooner and i cant wait to get my hands on this game! Until them September 18th come faster! 

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