Monday, September 17, 2012

DOA goes MMA with new character Milla!

Just when you thought Rig and his Kick-Boxing style were the only new additions to the famed DoA franchise MMA fighter Mila joins the fighters in the recent Dead or Alive 5 tournament and i gotta say she is looking like a great new addition. Tough as nails fighter Mila and her Mixed Martial Arts victories made her a champion to be in the world of fighting and she is nothing to shake a fist at either. Her hard working attitude of working and practicing got her to where she is now and she enters the tournament to take on her idol Tina in the ring and prove her skills.

From what you can see home girl has got some moves on her! Damn she hits hard has a crazy ground game and really good mix ups, in the right hands i can see her being a tough contender to the veterans of the series her grabs, punches and counters are going to leave her a force to be reckoned with and i can't wait to take her on!
Also revealed is the new New York "Street" stage with a freakin train as a hazard if you or your opponent are not careful... Yet another thing that would instantly kill a person but it's a game so i don't question logic! The stage looks great and i like the take on the hazard this is getting me so hype for the game i can not wait for this game September 25th! My Awesome Podcast!!

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